Ceremonial Ceramics 

Ceramic Wares: COMING SOON

I will be offering handmade  Bajo bowls for Yoni steaming as well as unique handmade tea ware.

Bajo Ceremony is a warm steam bath for vaginal health. Each Bajo bowl is hand carved with hours of detail work and so much love placed in each earthen vessel.  

Tea.  Tea is our mother, tea is the world's first medicine.  My partner and I, Robert, have dedicated ourselves to studying, appreciating and loving this kind plant.  We are both soil scientists and gardeners and our love for tea has grown into art.  We make vessels worthy to contain this medicine, and anything else you may find suitable for our wares.  Tea and pottery are sisters and have grown up together.  We take delight in the grounded energy of clay and the delicate process of painting our work.  

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