Healing Stones

Stone Medicine has been a part of traditional Chinese medicine since its earliest developments in ancient history.  Stones are part of the modern herbal pharmacy and appear in many herbal formulas.  Observation of the veins of minerals in the earth and stone formations led to insights and evolution of the Meridian system.  These raw materials have been formed into practical tools to aid in physical and spiritual healing and as adormnemt in many of the world's shamanic traditions and are still in use today.  Just as flint struck with pyrite gives off a spark or the edge of a knapped obsidian blade is sharp (a cleaner and sharper edge than high quality surgical steel), ancient people used their intuition and ingenuity to discover useful and healing properties of stones.  Most of the information here come from Jeffrey C. Yuen, an eighty-eighth-generation lineage holder of the Jade Purity school of Daoism, Yu Qing Pai.  This school dates to the Han Dynasty (206 BCE-220 CE) and other members of this lineage include Sun Simiao, one of the 'Fathers' of Chinese Medicine. The book, 'Stone Medicine' by Leslie J. Franks has compiled this knowledge and oral history and is a great resource for any one with further interest.  

Cleansing your new Stone: 

-Initially soak in mineral water: the affect of the bubbly water will expel any unwanted residual energy.

-Soak in distilled water overnight then leave in the sun the next day - or -

-Bury the stone outside in the Earth where it will be exposed to direct sunlight.


Soon I will have stones for sale here for self-use and the ways in which to treat yourself and others using

Stone Medicine.

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