Tei Shins are gentle and effective tools for acupressure.

I've handmade these heirloom quality tools using particular dimensions associated with the number '3' and sacred geometry. Each needle has hand-marked tiny grooves where I've spun the needle to imbue it with good Qi and create a unique texture and handmade appearance in deference to Wabi-Sabi, the Japanese concept of appreciation for the art of imperfection.

Approximately 3.5" in length (3 cun) with a faceted stone inclusion. Either tip of the instrument can be used to stimulate the Acupuncture points.

Silver Teishin Acupuncture Tool

Stone: Tanzanite
Stone: Sapphire
Stone: Garnet
  • Tanzanite is the Stone of Transmutation. This stone aids the healer in trusting ones own insight. It is particularly helpful in uniting the mind and heart, teaching one to live from a compassionate heart with an illuminated mind and aids in sharing spiritual information and knowledge from a heart-centered perspective, making it excellent for healers in positions of intellectually interpreting emotional experiences. Tanzanite is said to strengthen the immune system, detoxify the blood and improve vitality. It promotes the regeneration of cells, skin and hair. Tanzanite is also said to be useful in treating psychological disorders, stress, and nervous tension, and is excellent for the problem of excessive sweating and may relieve migraine headaches.

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